Data storage#

The data is stored on NIRD @ sigma2


Path to case directory#

on Vilje @ sigma2


Path to diagnostics#


Summary of simulation#

The fist simulation (of many) in the NorESM2-LM spinup. No SourceMods included.

  • Namelist changes compared to repository for CAM6-Nor:

    • zmconv_c0_lnd = 0.0300D0 -> 0.0200D0

    • zmconv_c0_ocn = 0.0300D0 -> 0.0200D0

    • tau_0_ubc = .false. -> .true.

    • cldfrc_iceopt = 4

    • clubb_gamma_coef = 0.258

  • Namelist changes compared to repository for CLM5:

    • reset_snow = .true.

Simulation specifics#

CESM parent




Run type


Branch time from parent


Simulated years

01-01-0001 - 31-12-0135



Git branch


Git commit






Node allocation#

 <entry id="NTASKS">
        <value compclass="ATM">768</value>
        <value compclass="CPL">768</value>
        <value compclass="OCN">186</value>
        <value compclass="WAV">300</value>
        <value compclass="GLC">768</value>
        <value compclass="ICE">504</value>
        <value compclass="ROF">8</value>
        <value compclass="LND">256</value>
        <value compclass="ESP">1</value>
      <desc>number of tasks for each component</desc>

Code modifications (SourceMods)#

Includes the long wave aod error#

Information about the bug: The aerosol long wave calculations used information from the aerosol shortwave interpolation on aerosol size. The result was that aerosol longwave forcing was not included during night. A first estimate based on estimates from AMIP simulation is + 0.03 W/m2. The forcing is not evenly distributed, but mostly focused on Sahara including downstream and the Arabian peninsula. The numbers here are around 1-2 W/m2.

Note this bug was fixed in N1850OCBDRDDMS_f19_tn14_07052019

User name lists#


 fv_am_correction= .true.
 fv_am_diag      = .true.
 fv_am_fix_lbl   = .true.
 fv_am_fixer     = .true.

 dme_energy_adjust = .true.

 zmconv_c0_lnd          =  0.0200D0
 zmconv_c0_ocn          =  0.0200D0
 zmconv_ke              =  8.0E-6

 micro_mg_dcs             = 5.0e-4

 clubb_gamma_coef = 0.258

 tau_0_ubc                = .true.

 cldfrc_iceopt          =  4


Reset snow: Remove infiltration excess water as runoff if the temperature of the surface water pool is below freezing.

finidat = '/work/shared/noresm/inputdata/cesm2_init/b.e20.B1850.f09_g17.pi_control.all.297/0308-01-01/b.e20.B1850.f09_g17.pi_control.all.297.clm2.r.0308-01-01-00000.nc'
use_init_interp = .true.
reset_snow = .true.

Time series of spinup#

LMspinup1 NorESM2-LM spinup simulation
Left column (from top to bottom): Globally and annually averaged Net radiation @ top of model, Surface (2m) air temperature, Sea surface temperature (SST), global and volume averaged ocean temperature, Atlantic meridional oveturning circulation (AMOC) @ 26.5N.
Right column (from top to bottom): Globally and annually sum of Sea salt surface emissions, DMS (dimethylsulfide) surface emissions, globally and annually averaged vertically-integrated total cloud cover, shortwave cloud forcing and longwave cloud forcing.