Data storage#

The data is stored on NIRD @ sigma2


Path to case directory#

on Fram @ sigma2


Path to diagnostics#


Summary of simulation#

New in this simulation:

  • New inital data file used in CLM5

  • Changes in history settings (for extended output) in user_nl_cam and user_nl_clm and removed CPLHIST output to user_nl_cpl

Continued to use:

  • preprocessorDefinitions.h: CPP flags: “#undef AEROCOM”, “#define AEROFFL”

  • clubb_gamma_coef = 0.286

  • the modifications to cldfrc2m.F90

  • CESM2.1.0 (branch featureCESM2.1.0-OsloDevelopment)

  • the correction of bug in the second-order in time term of the AM correction (cd_core.F90)

  • the removal of an inconsistency in the treatment of riverine carbon inputs in iHAMOCC (mo_riverinpt.F90)

  • the increased (x2) error tolerance in energy conservation test in CICE

  • the long wave aerosol optical depth (AOD) bug fixer optinterpol.F90 included as SourceMod

  • the updated emission files for CAM6-Nor (often referred to as FRC2)

  • the increase in DMS emissions @ high latitudes in order to reduce the net radiation imbalance @TOM (top of model)

  • the increase in width of Strait of Gibraltar from 15 km to 30 km

  • the modifications to the parameterisation of ice clouds (iceopt=5 and cldfrc2m.F90)

  • the modifications to the parameters bkopal, rcalc and ropal in iHAMOCC included as SourceMod

  • the modifications to the convection code included as SourceMod: zm_conv.F90: “zmst” modifications.

  • aerotab_table_dir = ‘/cluster/shared/noresm/inputdata/noresm-only/atm/cam/camoslo/AeroTab_8jun17’

File modifications to

  • CAM6-Nor: zm_conv.F90, cd_core.F90, optinterpol.F90.

  • CICE: ice_therm_vertical.F90

  • iHAMOCC: mo_riverinpt.F90, beleg_bgc.F90

were merged into featureCESM2.1.0-OsloDevelopment and the SourceMods no longer needed. Also the new emission files (frc2) and many of the parameter settings in user_nl_cam were included and no longer needed to be listed in user_nl_cam.

The increase in width of Strait of Gibraltar from 15 km to 30 km was included as default and no longer listed in user_nl_micom

The reset snow addition in user_nl_clm was included as default and no longer needed.

For all SourceMods and user name list specifics, see bottom of this page

Simulation specifics#

CESM parent




Run type


Branch time from parent


Simulated years

01-01-1051 - 31-12-1199



Git branch


Git commit






Node allocation#

    <entry id="NTASKS">
        <value compclass="ATM">1536</value>
        <value compclass="CPL">1536</value>
        <value compclass="OCN">91</value>
        <value compclass="WAV">300</value>
        <value compclass="GLC">1536</value>
        <value compclass="ICE">736</value>
        <value compclass="ROF">20</value>
        <value compclass="LND">780</value>
        <value compclass="ESP">1</value>
      <desc>number of tasks for each component</desc>

Code modifications (SourceMods)#

Ice cloud parameterisation changes#

in components/cam/src/physics/cam/cldfrc2m.F90

Line 47 and 48 from

real(r8),  parameter :: qist_min     = 1.e-7_r8      ! Minimum in-stratus ice IWC constraint [ kg/kg ]
real(r8),  parameter :: qist_max     = 5.e-3_r8      ! Maximum in-stratus ice IWC constraint [ kg/kg ]


real(r8),  parameter :: qist_min     = 4.e-6_r8      ! Minimum in-stratus ice IWC constraint [ kg/kg ] 
real(r8),  parameter :: qist_max     = 2.5e-4_r8     ! Maximum in-stratus ice IWC constraint [ kg/kg ]

Line 883 and Line 1137 from

aist = max(0._r8,min(1._r8,qi/qist_min)) 


aist = max(0._r8,min(1._r8,sqrt(aist*qi/qist_min)))

User name lists#


Gamma controls the skewness of Gaussian PDF for the subgrid vertical velocities (used in the Cloud Layers Unified By Binormals (CLUBB) scheme). A low gamma generally increases the amount of low clouds and hence gives a higher short-wave cloud forcing.


Iceopt is used for setting the parameterisation of ice-cloud fraction. The CESM2 default scheme for the parameterisation of the ice-cloud fraction is iceopt = 5, which includes a functional dependence of ice cloud fraction on the environmental relative humidity.


! Users should add all user specific namelist changes below in the form of
! namelist_var = new_namelist_value

 micro_mg_dcs     = 5.5e-4

 clubb_gamma_coef = 0.286

 cldfrc2m_rhmini =0.90D0

 npr_yz         = 64,24,24,64


finidat = '/cluster/shared/noresm/inputdata/lnd/clm2/initdata/I1850Clm50BgcCropSpinup_pAD_cplhist_f09_tn14.clm2.r.1051-01-01-00000.nc'

Time series of spinup#

MMspinup18 NorESM2-MM spinup simulation
Left column (from top to bottom): Globally and annually averaged Surface (2m) air temperature, global and volume averaged ocean temperature, Sea surface temperature (SST).
Right column (from top to bottom): Globally and annually Globally and annually averaged Net radiation @ top of model, Atlantic meridional oveturning circulation (AMOC) @ 26.5N.

MMspinup18_emis NorESM2-MM spinup simulation
Left column (from top to bottom): Globally and annually sum of Sea salt surface emissions, DMS (dimethylsulfide) surface emissions, POM (primary organic matter) surface emissions.
Right column (from top to bottom) Globally and annually averaged shortwave cloud forcing and longwave cloud forcing.